The Samaria Gorge is located in Chania Mountains White Mountains. It has a length of 18 km and is the longest gorge in Crete and Europe (in length). It has a width from 150 meters to 3 meters, which is the narrowest part of the name “Doors”. In 1962 it was declared as a national park of Greecevand a place of residence of many endemic birds and different species. The most famous of the animals that find refuge in the Samaria Gorge is the Cretan goat (Kri Kri). There are also growing rare herbs and plants such as wild burning bush and wild flowers. The gorge got its name from the village of Samaria and though it owes its name to the Byzantine church of Blessed Mary of the 14th century, located there and survives until now with many pictures and murals.
Useful information for visitors

To get to the Gorge you can take the shuttle bus fro Chania;s Bus station which is located approximately 700 meters from the hotel, which takes you to the entrance of the gorge called Xyloskalo

The route starts very early in the morning 06: 15-07: 45-08: 45 and ticket price 7.50 / person.

Also you can go with an organized tour: Ticket price for bus and Guide 22,00 / person + 17,00 about for the entrance and the boat. (input value 5.00)

For hiking in the Samaria gorge you must be properly dressed in light colored clothes, hard shoes (boots), have been provided light fare, Water does not need to have with you, since the entire length of the gorge there are sources of clean drinking water. Also in many places there are toilets. The distance is 14 km and the walk lasts approximately 4-8 hours, depending on the pace. The most common time duration is six hours. Arriving At the ends in St. Roumeli which is 2 km from the exit of the gorge you can make a delicious swim in the clear blue waters of the Libyan sea and enjoy the delicious and traditional tavernas.

From the port of Agia Roumeli you take the Boat to Sfakia

Hours 11: 30 & 17: 30
Ticket Price: 12,00E adults 6.00 children

From Sfakia you take the bus to Chania
Price ticket 8,20

Useful phone numbers
Police Chania Tourism Department: 28210 53333
Port Sfakia: 28250 91292
Museum Xyloskalo: 28210 67140
Forest Service Forest Samaria: 28210 92287
Forest Outpost Samaria settlement: 28250 91276
Kourtaliotiko Gorge is located in Rethymnon area about 22 km south of the city. It starts from the village Koxare follows the river and ends in Kourtaliotis Lake beautiful beach Preveli. Halfway through your journey you will meet the road that passes through the gorge with parking and paths leading to the beautiful church of St. Nicholas. Towards the end of the gorge there is a point that resembles a tropical lagoon and has been named the beach with the Phoenicians! The gorge has incredible beauty and the scenery is wild. It has a rich flora and fauna and the river is divided into five streams which unite and form small lakes and a huge waterfall! Throughout the route you will notice that the canyon is narrow and the rocks are huge and full of small caves and ruler. Kourtaliotiko Gorge is a miracle of nature! Really worth a walk and see the beauty and wildness of the Cretan landscape!
You can go with your own vehicle or with an organized trip from our hotel staff.
If you go with your own vehicle and to enjoy the way it is best to go from Sfakia-Frangokastello Country to reach the Monastery Preveli
The gorge of Agia Irini is the second most visited gorge in Chania, after the Samaria Gorge. It is 7 km long and will take about 2.5 hours to cross it from the top of (Agia Irini) and descend to Sougia.
It is part of the E4 and is very easy route. They are downhill without particularly steep areas, with visible trail and almost entirely shaded. The only hard part is at the end of the gorge, after leaving to walk about 5.5 kilometers to the road to get to Sougia. There is a cafe where you can relax and if you want to avoid walking on asphalt call a taxi from Sougia., To take you either in your car or in Sougia (cost about 20,00).
Although the canyon is considered easy and suitable to even cross children should not forget to use appropriate shoes.

If you want to visit the gorge starting from Chania, the solution again is the public bus that starts 05.00 in the morning. Around 06.00 you will arrive at the entrance of the gorge and around 09.00 to Sougia … exceptions are Sundays, which starts 07.30 from Chania.

You can enjoy the sea and spend the day until the afternoon by bus again (about 18.15) will return to Chania. On Sundays you can use to return the bus that leaves from Sougia 12.00!

Ticket Price for Sougia 7.00
The grand canyon of Imbros in Sfakia is one of the deepest and narrowest gorge of Kreta . The gorge starts just south of the village Imbros plateau Askifou to reach after about 5 km in village Komitades near Fragkokastello beach.
These walls stand vertically at a height of 300 meters and its width in places not exceed 2 meters. The crossing is relatively easy, it can be done all year round - with attention from autumn until the spring - and takes about three hours hiking up to Komitades.
If you go with your own car is easy to find transportation to take you to the top of the gorge.The taxi will cost you about 15,00E