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Marathi - Loutraki

The beach Marathi located 17 km east of Chania, in Akrotiri. It is one of the beaches of Chania awarded with the Blue Flag. The sandy beach in conjunction with the shallow water and protection from the wind - due to the location - make it ideal for families and children. The beach is well organized offering guests the possibility to enjoy Cretan food and drink and facilities for swimming (umbrellas, shower, etc.) and lifeguard services. The beach has access for disabled people and infrastructure.

Access: The beach is connected with the city of Chania or by private and rented cars or buses from KTEL.ticket 2,60
Falasama - Belmondo Hotel & Suites


About 75 km. West of Chania, on the western coast of Crete.
One of the most popular destinations of Crete, Falasarna is a series of sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. From the city of Chania is regular daily bus service to Falasarna.

Time: 08: 30-11: 00-: 15: 30 Ticket Price 8.20

We can also organize your trip by private taxi 20,00 / hour
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Regarding Balos, the main feature is the well-known but incredibly beautiful beach, wide with fine sand, white and red, which at one point forming a small lagoon.
You can go by car to a certain point, I suggest Jeep as the road is not very good.After parking the car you have to walk around 30 minutes

Also you can go by bus Price: 7,80E and again to walk 30 minutes

Finally the best way especially if you have a car to go to the port of Kastelli and from there by boat

Hours: first departure 10.20 - return to port at 17.45
Second departure 10:40 - return to port at 18.00

For the months of July and August additionally applies:
3rd departure 12:30 - return to port at 19.30, while running, and emergency services.

TIMES: Passengers aged up to 2 years old travel for free.
Passengers aged between 3-12 years pay 13 €
Passengers aged 13 years and over pay 27 €
The above prices include VAT and other charges.
Seitan Limania - Belmondo Hotel & Suites
Seitan Limania
The beach !
Situated Seitan Ports, on the northeast side of the Akrotiri peninsula in western Crete, 20 km from the city of Chania, there is a beach different from all others.
Stretches of water penetrating between the steep cliffs of Cape creating small bays. In one of them is the well hidden beach.

The location is known as Seitan Ports. The word Seitan is Turkish, apparently left by the Turkish occupation of Crete, and is translated as impish. Therefore the Seitan Ports translated as Diavololimana.

However, the beach at Port Seitan shows more heavenly than devilish. Admire color sea!

Access to Port Seitan:
To go to Port Seitan will follow the road to the airport of Chania. After turning on the airport will continue to Chordaki village 2. At the village entrance, turn right and before the road climb to the top of Mount Skloka 3 will continue again right to the church of St. Raphael.

After the chapel of San Rafael, the road continues strongly downwards by successive hairpins and takes you above the beach, where you can park.

Pedestrians will walk down the path that leads to the beautiful beach Seitan Ports.
Elafonissi - Belmondo Hotel & Suites
The southwestern tip of Crete.
The farthest beach from Chania town, but worth the way you do to get there. It is an islet almost connected with a coast and is only 100 meters. from it and one can reach by walking into the sea. Elafonisi is 76 km. From Chania and 43 from Kastelli. Here one comes to admire the stunning sandy beaches with dunes and white sand and swim in the unique in Crete crystal waters. Although the natural beauty attracts plenty of visitors the site has no developed tourist infrastructure. Elafonisi is one of the most popular beaches of Crete.

To get here from Chania there are two routes. Both equally graphic and suggested.

If you are coming from Chania and return to Chania, I would suggest you to go on one route and return from another.

If you follow the first one, which is the shortest, turn left about 1 km before Kissamos (maybe less) and follow the signs to the gorge of Topolia and then to Elafonisi.

To follow the second route will pass through Kissamos to Trahilos, the junction to Falasarna (another of the most popular beaches of Chania), will continue through the village of Platanos and then follow the signs.

You can also get there by bus bus TIME: 09: 00 Ticket Price: 10.90
Private organized touri: Estimated time to reach approximately: 1: 30

with departure and return from your hotel, stop at the Monastery Chrisoskalitissa or the Agia Sofia cave in Topolia (both located on the road to Elafonisi), and stop for lunch at a restaurant. -

And finally with a private taxi: charging / hour 20,00