Tasty “Trip” in the Mountains of Chania

From Chania take the road to the junction of Kladissos - through Kissamos Street - and follow the signs for Theriso. The ride through the canyon therisiano length of 6 kilometers, premature reimburse visitors for their choice. After a route about 20 minutes we reach the historic village Theriso , in the central square of which stands the statue of the great Greek El. - We can visit the Historical and Folklore Museum - founded in 1985 and is housed in the building that served as headquarters for Eleftherios Venizelos - and the National Resistance Museum (B) which exhibits relics and many photographs of the National Resistance period of 1941-1945.

Therisso, however, is known to gourmets everywhere and for another reason … for the great family restaurants, which are renowned for their meat and which have made it a popular gastronomic destination locals and visitors ..

Leaving Therisso you follow the road to Keramia, a mountainous Municipal located in the northern foothills of the White Mountains. The trip from Hania to the municipal Keramia section is panoramic and very impressive, perhaps unique in Crete. In Municipal Keramia section to visit the canyon Diktamos and gorge Aletrouvariou, rare natural beauty both.

Then we continue to Malaxa.There you will enjoy the panoramic views of Chania and Souda Bay and Chania. A stop in Drakona is imperative to try one of the taverns of the region, local recipes based on pure quality products of the Cretan land.
The passage from the gorge of Therisos will enchant us literally .Towering cliffs delimiting the passage next to the river causing great feelings to the visitors. Route reserves and the transition from the edge of the White Mountains ending to the sources of Meskla where you can enjoy real traditional food and Lake Agia which is one of the most important of Crete and there you can relax drinking your coffee in the café located there overlooking Lake ..
Exit chania heading east, following the new highway, next to the beach. We arrive in Georgioupolis from there turn right by following the sign that says towards Kournas the only lake in Crete, shown with two diametrically opposite faces: While summer is filled with boats and bicycles to tourists, winter transforms into a crystal mirror, which mirrors the snowy peaks of the White Mountains and the magnificent colors of the sky at sunset. From Episcopi village continuing south we arrive at Argyroupoli, which is built on a hill, right on the ancient Lappa. (Greco-Roman statues from ancient Lappa will see in Rethymnon Museum). Argiroupoli today is very green and is a frequent destination of excursionists who visit for its natural beauty, abundant water and the delicious appetizers serving local taverns.