Food & Drink in Chania

In Chania you will enjoy the famous Cretan cuisine with local characteristics and flavor nuances of western Crete. Do not miss dishes and local specialties such as kaltsounia ,staka, bureki, the kreatotourta.
In the city of Chania range of culinary options is long: from small traditional tavernas to elegant restaurants with modern cuisine and international flavors, no palate will not be left unsatisfied.

Thalassino Ageri

Vyvilaki 35 Halepa T. 28210 51 136, M. 6947 939146,

It is one of the most romantic and idyllic spots, which could well be a movie scene! Exactly where the waves break, the famous and picturesque Tabakaria, just outside the Old City, we meet the last 25 years the famous tavern Sea Ageri. Here we come for fresh fish, chosen by the owner himself daily from the fish market and its own fishermen, while not missing and imaginative recipes, like cuttlefish with fennel and stuffed squid. On the possible proposals, the fish soup, and lobster upon request. We accompany our fish or the great variety of appetizers with fresh salads or homemade ointments and a chilled glass of wine. To this end, we do not say no to the sweet bergamot or karpouzaki! From € 15 (snacks), € 25 (fresh fish).

Daily (March-October) from 20: 00-01: 00.


The fishing boats tie up outside and Apostolis gets the best. The freshest fish ever. Delicious mullet and small fish in his hands off. Depending on the season and weather will find all kinds of fish, guaranteed fresh.
  • kitchen: Cretan
  • value - value: up to 30 €
  • communication: +30 28210 43 470
  • area: Coast Union 10


The old Turkish bath houses for years one of the old city’s most popular restaurants that introduces you to the spice with a list of 72 dishes. With very friendly service and great selection of wines, bottled and bulk.
  • kitchen: Greek, Politiki
  • value - value: up to 20 €
  • communication: +30 2821096080
  • area: Zambeliou 49, Venetian Harbor
In seven years of operation, it has managed to become one of the most popular haunts fans of Cretan cuisine. The fish is fine and fresh, and the wine - list accompanies appropriately.
  • kitchen: Mediterranean, Cretan
  • value - value: up to 20 €
  • communication: +30 2821052255
  • area: Coast Union 5 Chania
The pout
Modern tavern that stands in the heart of the city Known for the minimalist and simple decor but mainly for creative cuisine.
  • kitchen: Traditional Cretan
  • value - value: - €
  • communication: +30 2821075003
  • area: Zymbrakakidon 10 Chania
It is one of those places that when you discover rejoice double. Not only because it is “hidden” and satisfy your exploratory fad, but because they really deserve. In a narrow alley, then, in Dapia, near the West Trench Old Town, our doors initially spurred by the painted decorative doors that adorn the courtyard, creating a very dramatic scene. But soon, we sat for lunch, the recipes of our Suzanne won twice!
  • kitchen: Mediterranean, Cretan
  • value - value: up to 20 €
  • communication: +30 28210 76 261
  • area: Porto 48, Chania
Deucalion & Icarus, Anat. Moat T. 28210 57035
Although located in a quiet neighborhood of the Venetian Harbour, within walking distance of Koum Kapi, needs no introduction, as we know him for 12 years for the traditional food cooked in a wood oven, reviving old recipes. Try ofto lamb, lamb with staka, but patty Chaniotiko and particular proposal is the mushroom stamnagathi! In plus
The Bronze
Friendly atmosphere with delicious snacks, beach on the way to Neorio. The watched area of ouzo, and local Cretan cuisine will not leave you indifferent at all.
  • kitchen: Cretan
  • value - value: up to 10 €
  • communication: +30 2821041570
  • area: Akti Tompazi 29-30 Chania
Restaurant Michael
Sourmeli 54-56 Akti Tompazi & T. 28210 58 330
Overlooking the lighthouse, choose the quality and flavors. The fresh fish and seafood dominate the list, with steamed mussels and wonderful varieties gaining impressions. Those who are not fans of seafood, will enjoy equally delicious meat dishes.

From € 12. Daily 12: 00-01: 00.
The Well of the Turk
Three consecutive spaces painted in the colors of ocher and blue, with strong oriental references and a well in the middle. Here you will taste authentic dishes from Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon as hummus. The cuisine is tasty without being heavy.
  • kitchen: Oriental, North African
  • value - value: up to 30 €
  • communication: +30 2821054547
  • area: K. Sarpaki 1-3
Distillery Apostolaki
Hatzimichalis Ntaliani 46 T. 28210 59204

Tavern serving Cretan cuisine in the most famous pedestrian area of the city. Impressive space with retro objects of the former distillery and dishes with local raw materials, accompanied raki or wine, tantalise your taste. From € 10. Daily from 18:00. Sundays and afternoons.
Throump in...
greaseproof paper
Hatzimichalis Ntaliani 74 T. 28210 28175
with a very sophisticated but small space, we will eat rich varieties of meats and delicious appetizers. The courtyard is smashing. From € 10. Daily except Mondays, 18: 00-01: 30
Nama Cocktail Coffee More
Akti Tompazi 19 Old Harbour T. 28210 08170 M. 6972 254003
H heart of entertainment in the Venetian Harbour pounding in Nama, traveled this year the third season, significantly raising the standards. Besides, nothing here is left to chance. From space, which impresses with its combination of classical and industrial design, the open cuisine, great bar and outdoor patio overlooking the harbor until the fine products that are different from the ordinary.

Our Nama says good morning with fantastic breakfasts and salty donuts, keep us company all day with top quality coffee (in various flavors that can be found only here), special tea flavors and fresh juices with superfoods, while the evening intrigue our palate in special shaped shore, Nama Mediterra, where in an idyllic setting with foreground Pharos tasting suggestions of chef George Hatzidakis!
Akti Tompazi 15 Old Harbour T. 28210 45688
This neoclassical building of 1830, gives appointment in the last six years the most fashionable crowd of the island! Pallas, the first all day spot that brought change to the Venetian Harbour, begin our day with a hearty breakfast and good coffee, we continue with Mediterranean dishes and slamming with super original cocktails. Whether you choose the tables on the paved perantzada or the impressive bar inside, good quality and service is adiapragmatefto. As for the goddess in Faro, one of the main trump! In winter organizes wine tasting. Surprise is the roof restaurant Thealassa, who last year became talk of the town! From € 15 / meal.
Daily from 12:00.
Thrace Meat Me
Anagnostou Gogoni 77 T. 28210 & 70017 Hatzimichalis Giannari 34 T. 28120 51100,
ten years on … backs of the Thracian needs no introduction! You come here to taste fresh round chicken and pork, who daily make themselves, and handmade chopsticks, a secret recipe of owner George skull! Try Plakoti pie, the restaurant’s trademark and the generous and tasty meat varieties. Apart from the grill and rotisserie chicken, is famous for, you will find handmade pizza oven, pasta and burgers from 100% ground beef Angus. The last two years, the Thracian acquired “little brother” in the central Hatzimichalis Giannari. A modern orthadiko street food, waiting for us almost 24 hours to round pies and kebabs. Take away and delivery (12: 00-02: 00). Daily 10: 00-but gone.